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Our Quality Speaks

Our tees are made of 100% Cotton Bio Wash Fabric and is soft and firm to the skin. They are also pre shrunk to give you a minimum shrinkage. Our regular quality checks ensure that you get a complete quality product.

Exceptional Customer Service

All queries will be responded to within the day, you can email us or call us and one of our team professionals will help you.

We help in Designing

Share your Ideas and we’ll help you designing or design it yourself and send it to us…. and we will do the printing for you. Our designers review our products while printing them so that you have a tee printed to perfection.

No Minimum Order Quantity

Print even one t-shirt and let your heart speak, with unlimited number of colours on your tee. We believe that a custom t-shirt not only makes you look good but also makes you feel great.

Quick Order Processing

At VASTRA, we work even a few extra hours to meet our commitments, at times we deliver the tees a couple of days prior than the committed date. This has helped us gain repeat orders and lot of referrals.